OLED Technology

The carbon-based electroluminescent diode is a component that has emerged out of the latest advances in nanotechnology. A traditional light bulb has a filament that becomes hot whereas LED uses a crystal or electric energy that is directly converted into light without heat. OLED lighting borrows the principle of directly converting electrical energy into light by using molecules rather than crystals. Light diffuses across much larger illumination surfaces that can be given form. OLED lighting uses organic materials made of carbon and hydrogen to emit light, which can be immediately recycled, making it one of the most environmentally friendly light sources.


The real OLED revolution goes beyond technology: it involves the death of the lampshade, the liberation of light. Using a light surface of less than two millimeters depth, durable, recyclable, supple, light and non heat generating, our light source can, at last, be seen and touched without concern: OLED revolutionizes traditional approaches to lighting and our relationship to light: Blackbody® sculpts and manipulates pure light in myriad creative possibilities. EXPERIENCE THE LIGHT COUTURE


We took a bet by bringing together engineers, designers and artisans in an industrial venture with a start-up attitude, capable of sharing 100% French quality and know-how throughout the world.
In La Farlède, France, near Toulon, we have built one of the most beautiful factories in Europe, dedicated to OLED technology. All our products are designed, manufactured, and tested here, using OLED developed using the latest advances in nanotechnology, to create a finished product in the pure tradition of French chandelier makers.


Stages of production: